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I am internationally touring choreographer and teacher coming originally from Slovakia. At the present moment I live in Austria and Denmark. My last works are "Locus - concept of me", "On the Red Lawn" or "Landscapes" touring in Europe and Asia. This works are created by stable small group of artist surrounding me. As a performer I work for Achim Freyer Ensemble  - Deutsche Oper and Granhoj Dans.


You could see me performing in Theater National de Chaillot Paris, Hot Summer Kyoto, GAM Santiago de Chille, Fringe Philadelpia, Dansehallerne Denmark, Hivernalles Avignon, Suzanne Dellal Centre Tel Aviv but also on stage Croatian National Ballet in Rijeka, Ballet Graz dancing my productions or for Granhoj Dans, cie W.Dorner, guest for S.Waltz, cie. F.Ruckert, Frey Faust company, Pilottanz and others. I was art director of Int. Buhnenwerkstatt Tanztheater Graz and as teacher assisted to Frey Faust and David Zambrano. I tought my classes in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech republic, Turkey...





26. May - 1. June Carte Blanche residency CND Paris

1. June - 15. June Derrida Dance Residency


11.   19:00 Rite of Spring - Extended, Granhoj Dans, Arhus

12.   19:00 Rite of Spring - Extended, Granhoj Dans, Arhus

13.   19:00 Rite of Spring - Extended, Granhoj Dans, Arhus

28.   19:00 Rite of Spring - Extended, Katowice, Poland