"Suites" - Kolkata August 2015




Suites - dance piece in which Danielis is exploring concept of time. He is not just asking how much you can prolong moment something lasts, but examine how human perception is altered with each passing moment, with each experience thus undermining any fixed position and any fixed understanding.
Through exploration of time Danielis also questions need for de-contextualization of person - of his/hers actions, dance, invariably challenging if we are still able to see individual in the simplicity of who he/she really is in ever passing moment.

"I am interested - I am questioning position of dance nowadays. Is dance in its pure form still valid – does the form still communicate something more complex about humans? Are we still able to see human being on stage and observe his/hers behavior as is? Are we still able to be profoundly touched by simplicity of being and acting – behaving in space and what are the values of these actions nowadays? What is the value of dance today? Are we still interested in something unpredictable, which cannot be framed by temporal events or assessed (in advance)? Is dance still alive as form of profound artistic communication?"


Show starts within audience and camera is handheld up till 6'.




13.-14.          "Ansichtssache" - as a performer for Int.Bühnenwerstatt Tanztheater Festival, Graz

15.              "Let me have my dreams" - special perform. event, Int.Bühnenwerstatt Tanztheater Festival, Graz

20.-25.          "Dynamic talk" Tanzfaktur Köln

24.-25.          "Suites" Tanzfaktur Köln

27.-1.8.         "Hi Tec Tools", "Improvisation Strategies", Tsekh Moscow


5.- 10.           Bridges Festival Kolkata - "On the Red Lawn"

12.8.             "Suites", American School, New Delhi

13.8.             workshop, American School, New Delhi

14. - 18.         "Hi Tec Tools", Danceworx, Mumbai

18. - 23.         "Hi Tec Tools", Composition, Lhshva, Bangalore

                  "Suites", Lhshva, Bangalore


14.-18.           Hi Tec Tools + workshop, Bud Hybrid Studios, Brussels

21.-30.           Hi Tec Tools + residence, Trois C+L, Luxemburg


1. - 3.           Hi Tec Tools + residence, Trois C+L, Luxemburg

3.                20th Trust WiP, Trois C+L, Luxemburg

4. - 10.          "Locus - concept of me" High Fest, Yerevan, Armenia


Tomas Danielis is internationally touring choreographer and teacher coming originally from Slovakia. At the present moment living and working in Austria, Slovakia and France. Danielis mainly focuses on choreography, however he still works/co-operates with Achim Freyer Ensemble and cie.Pulso.


For the quick reference....

You could see Danielis performing @ Theater National de Chaillot Paris, Hot Summer Kyoto, GAM Santiago de Chille, Fringe Philadelpia, Dansehallerne Denmark, Hivernalles Avignon, Suzanne Dellal Centre Tel Aviv.... a member of cie W.Dorner, Croatian National Ballet in Rijeka, cie. F.Ruckert, Ballet Graz, guest for S.Waltz, Granhoj Dans,  Frey Faust company, Pilottanz... an art director of Int. Buhnenwerkstatt Tanztheater Graz and I am serving as obmann of IG TANZ STEIERMÄRK.

As teacher assisted to Frey Faust and David Zambrano. I tought my classes in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Japan, India, Czech republic, Turkey...



Actual performances and their touring was supported by following institutions: