Tomas Danielis







1.-6.         Residency, Centrum Nezavislej Kultury Zahrada, Banska Bystrica

6.              "Mainly Love", Centrum Nezavislej Kultury Zahrada, Banska Bystrica

11.-15.     Residency, Garage 29, Brux

11.-15.     Hi Tec Tools, Garage 29, Brux

15.            "Suites", Garage 29, Brux

18.-22.     Hi Tec Tools, Antwerp Daily Dance Training, Car Wash Theatre



2.-8.          Residency, Papirna Plzen

8.              "Suites", Papirna Plzen

10.            "Locus - concept of me", Monotanc Budapest, Hungary

20.            "Mainly Love" Schaumbad, Graz - opening of space, within frame of Design Monat Graz




2.& 4.           "Suites", Tanzist Dornbin

5.-7.             "Hi Tec Tools", Blackbox Festival Plovdiv, Bulgaria

11. - 19.      residence, "Let the Artist Die EXCHANGE"

19.               "Suites" / "Landscapes" Wroclaw

20. - 4.        rehearsal period "Mainly Love" / "Intimacy"



16.              "Suites", Int. Bühnenwerkstatt Graz, premier of full night version

19.-20.        Hi -Tec Tools, Pro Art Festival, Brno

20.              "Suites", Pro Art Festival, Brno

25. - 7.8.     TSEKH,  summer school Moscow



1. - 7.          TSEKH,  summer school Moscow

8. - 14.        rehearsal period "Mainly Love" / "Intimacy" (unconfirmed)



26. - 30.      rehearsal period "Mainly Love" / "Intimacy"



1.                 "Locus - concept of me", Hi Fest Yerevan, Armenia

3. - 8.          "Hi Tec Tools", Marameo, Berlin

10. - 23.      "Mainly Love" / "Intimacy" residency 




14. - 3.        residency Trois C+L, Luxemburg



3.                "Mainly Love" / "Intimacy" prepremier

9. - 10.        "Mainy Love" / "Intimacy" premier, TTZ Graz

14.12.         "Mainly Love" / "Intimacy" Banska Bystrica






Tomas Danielis is internationally touring choreographer and teacher coming originally from Slovakia. At the present moment living and working in Austria and Belgium. Danielis mainly focuses on choreography, however he still works/co-operates with Achim Freyer Ensemble or free lance choreographers.


For the quick reference....

You could see Danielis performing @ Theater National de Chaillot Paris, Hot Summer Kyoto, GAM Santiago de Chille, Fringe Philadelpia, Dansehallerne Denmark, Hivernalles Avignon, Suzanne Dellal Centre Tel Aviv.... a member of cie W.Dorner, Croatian National Ballet in Rijeka, cie. F.Ruckert, Ballet Graz, guest for S.Waltz, Granhoj Dans,  Frey Faust company, Pilottanz... an art director of Int. Buhnenwerkstatt Tanztheater Graz and I am serving as obmann of IG TANZ STEIERMÄRK.

As teacher assisted to Frey Faust and David Zambrano. or teaching his classes in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Japan, India, Czech republic, Turkey...



Actual performances and their touring was supported by following institutions:


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