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In present moment I am in transition - left my career as a dance for Granhoj Dans and focus mainly on choreographic career. I prepare with my team premier of "Neue Tristan or Lenin's heart is still beating and measuring time" (working title) for December and with Rocio Berenguer premier of "Homeostasis", where my functions are choreographer and assistant.

I also plan touring with my shows in Germany, Luxembourg, India, Austria and dates will be posted soon.


I had been performing in Dansehallerne Copenhagen 8. and 9. of January. I received 2 reviews, however I would like to share with you beautiful reaction from audience, which I consider as big compliment.


Dear Tomas

Thank you so much for your performance at Dancehallnene on 8th January.
I'm Haruka from Japan,mastered Japanese traditional dancer/instructor, live in Cph and Berlin.

I just wanted to tell you that your performance really touched my heart so much and gave me much of courage and determination to live by doing/following what I honestly want.

Around the day I went to see your performance, I was in a trouble that I could stay longer in Europe or not, even I doubt myself that "Do I really want to expand Japanese traditional dance and culture in Europe?"
"Will it be a right choice to keep living in Europe?"

I'm afraid if I bother you by what I write but, through your dance, I felt your passion and strong/ pure determination toward yourself as a dancer and it waken me up. Dakujem,Tomas!

Literally I just started to live my life here in Europe but now I'm so looking forward to expand possibility of Japanese traditional dance more here!

Hope to see your performance somewhere in Europe again!!

Dakujem and Best Regards





I am internationally touring choreographer and teacher coming originally from Slovakia. At the present moment I live in Austria and Slovakia, spending lot of time in France and Denmark. My last works are "Locus - concept of me", "On the Red Lawn" or "Landscapes" touring in Europe and Asia.

I am very happy to be working with stable group of creative artist.

Besides my choreographic work, I am performer for Achim Freyer Ensemble  - Deutsche Oper and Granhoj Dans.


For the quick reference....

You could see me performing @ Theater National de Chaillot Paris, Hot Summer Kyoto, GAM Santiago de Chille, Fringe Philadelpia, Dansehallerne Denmark, Hivernalles Avignon, Suzanne Dellal Centre Tel Aviv.... a member of cie W.Dorner, Croatian National Ballet in Rijeka, cie. F.Ruckert, Ballet Graz, guest for S.Waltz, Frey Faust company, Granhoj Dans,  Frey Faust company, Pilottanz... an art director of Int. Buhnenwerkstatt Tanztheater Graz and I am serving as obmann of IG TANZ STEIERMÄRK.

As teacher assisted to Frey Faust and David Zambrano. I tought my classes in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Japan, India, Czech republic, Turkey...