"Locus - concept of me"

is my new internationally co-produced solo performance where I explore “Loci” – memory palaces and rooms.
My interest lies in how memory creates our identity, our perceptions – how they stir emotions and determine movements and actions in my life. I am particulary interested in those places within a person, which are normally hidden under the everyday routine - places, thoughts and wishes which are not normally displayed. What interest me is mechanics of humanity its ugliness as well as beauty.

Special thanks to: Kitt Johnson DK; Int. Bühnenwerkstatt Graz; Bora – Bora DK; Granhoj Dans DK, Ponderosa DE.

Choreography and dance: Tomas Danielis
Assistant: Pernille Malou Konczak Sorensen
Videoart: Stefan Schmid
Music: Ulrich Troyer, Georg Friedrich Händel, Henry Purcel
Stage set and costumes: Stefan Röhrle
Technical director: Thomas Bergner


Premier takes place 20.March 2014 TTZ Graz at 20:00 with following performance 21. and 22.


More news are that I will be performing "On the Red Lawn" in Pune - India and Budapest - Hungary. For Granhoj Dans I will have tour in Israel and Denmark. Stay tuned.



Ulrich Troyer

composer I am worked and working with - composed soundtrack of "Landscapes" and is creating new soundtrack for project Locus had produced new but already successful album "Songs for William 2" on which you can find also track from "Landscapes" Enjoy music in follwing link! For those you like music on vinyl secure one of the limited copies of this album.