Creative focus of Tomas Danielis is oriented at crossover between visual/digital arts and movement/dance. While accomplished dancer he pursue the understanding and conceptualization performative presence via space, which led him to further investigate the properties of lights as well as creative escape into photography. Danielis is known to create specific set of tools and innovative movement languages for each of his project and thus keep surprising. His works were presented in more than 20 countries and referred to as innovative, fresh, touching and inspiring. His productions include light art-video-dance performance Landscapes (2011), emotionally powerful and moving Locus (2016), exceptionally physical pure dance performance Suites (2016) acclaimed for approach to composition, movement language and understanding of J.S.Bach.


Tomas Danielis received MA at the Academy of Music and Drama Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia. Tomas Danielis danced with Ardent Body Communication/Frey Faust (France, 1999-2000, 2002-2003), Cie. Felix Ruckert (Berlin, 2000), Cie. W.Dorner (Vienna, 2009-2013), Freyer Ensemble (Berlin, 2011), Granhøj Dance (Aurhus,2012-2015) and others.

Apart from his work as a choreographer and performer, Tomas Danielis has developed a set of technique and improvisation classes. He tought classes and workshops at Raffinerie, Dasncetrum Jette Brussels, TQW Vienna, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Hot Summer Kyoto, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, CODARTS Rotterdam and others.

Tomas Danielis was assistant of David Zambrano and Frey Faust (1998/9 - 2004), Artistic Director of Int. Buehnenwerstatt Tanztheater Festival (Graz, 2011-2013). Since 2013 he is the Director of IG Tanz Steiermark.


In 2017 Danielis founded FEYNMen - collective of artists dealing with dance, performances, visual arts and music.


FEYNMen - Tomas Danielis is supported by Stadt Graz - Kulturamt, A9 Land Steiermärk, ÖKF and BKA Österreich.





2017 - today      artist in residence & teacher for Balet Moskva

2012 - today      Director of Ig. Tanz Steiermärk

2007 - 2009       Art Director of Int. Bühnenwerstatt Tanztheater Festival Graz





Suites | Landscapes | Locus | On the Red Lawn | Smetiar | Feather |





Contemporary cie.

2014 - 2015       Pulso, France

2011 - 2013        Freyer Ensemble, Germany

2012 - 2015       Granhoj Dans - Reumert award winner for performance "Men and Mahler", "Rite of Spring", Denmark

2009 - 2013      cie.W.Dorner, Austria

2010                   Pilottanz, Austria

2009                   cie.DiD Liz King, Austria

2008                   cie. CeDeCe, Portugal

2008                   cie. 13 – Rosa Mei, Belgium

2001                   Sasha Waltz & Guests, Germany (guest)

2000                  cie. Felix Ruckert, Germany

2002                  Alfa group, Austria

2002 – 2003    Ardent Body Communication, director Frey Faust, France

2000 – 2001     Freelance dancer (Internationally)

1999 – 2000     Ardent Body communication, director Frey Faust, France

1996 1999       Studio Tanca, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia



Ballet ensembles

2007-2009               soloist for Croatia National Theatre in Rijeka

2006–2007               guest soloist in Staatsoper Graz, Austria

2003–2007               Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia



Residence for studies

CND Paris

Balet Moskva

Raum 33 - cie. E. Gervasi

Derida Dance Bulgaria

Bora Bora Arhus

Trois C+L

Tanzfaktur Köln

Graner Barcelona


D.iD Pinkafeld

Int. Bühnenwerstatt Graz

Stadtpark Graz

The Turning Point, Marseille, France




Professional training & workshops

- Henny Jurriens Foundation, Amsterdam

- Danscentrum Jette, Bruxelles, Belgium

- Bud Hybrid, Bruxelles, Belgium

- Rafinerie, Bruxelles, Belgium

- Balet Moskva

- Danscentrum, Gothenburg

- Dansehallerne, Copenhagen - Bora Bora, Aarhus

- Dansevaerket, Aarhus

- Trois C+L Luxembourgh - Marameo, Berlin

- Dock 11, Berlin

- Danceworx, New Delhi, India

- Terence Lewis Academy, Mumbai, India - Avayava, Pune, India

- Werkhuys, Antwerpen, Belgium

- Tanzhaus NRW Dusseldorf

- Tanzquartier Wien, Austria

- Hot summer Kyoto, Japan

- CODARTS, Rotterdam

- Internationale Buehnenwerkstatt Graz, Austria

- CCN Montpellier, France – F.Faust substitute

- cie.W.Dorner

- State Conservatoire of J.L.Bella, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia



Asistent of David Zambrano and Frey Faust (1998/9 – 2004)




Mgr.Art at Academy of Music and Drama Arts Bratislava – SVK



Regular studies

Conservatoire Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

contemporary dance and Ballet, 5 years regular dance study plan 

Academy of Music and Drama Arts, Bratislava - SVK

- contemporary dance and Ballet, teachers program, 5 years regular dance study plan