This is specific performance. It is feministic, it is based on the stories of women but goes far beyond that. As man, I did this show, cause there is a need to communicate beyond our boundaries.  I do feel I have “right” to do this show as I been much time faced with situations where I was requested to have sex for getting work or take next career step, I had partner coming from a family where sexual and substance abuse went hand in hand with violence. I grew up in a country which had been politically and economically colonized. Therefore I believe, I have a point of view and experience which contribute to this discussion.




"We are not in search of sources, or origins, but of structures of signification: underneath each picture, there is always another picture."
Douglas Crimp



"Mainly love" is a portrait of a man and his inner world of insecurities, violence, fragility and strength striving to peek into how violence is not just born, but also accepted and hidden in plain sight in contemporary societies. This documentary meta-performance is intertwining interactive audio-visual environment,
 dance and excerpts of interviews with women, men, perpetrators and “normal” men and women, safe or sexually abused. Questions posed by "Mainly Love" attempts to go beyond the surface and simple presentation of sexuality or aggressivity. It represents an individual within stretched moments of his inner workings, investigating positions of gender, the relation of power to sexuality and its consequences.

 This rich and captivating performance is an open window to the intimate world of human being, transcending topics of sexuality, power use thus addressing hot contemporary world questions. Despite based and built exclusively on documentary material, "Mainly love" does not propose any statements. "My motivation to create this performance was driven by the need to reconcile with the environment I live in as in the recent period of my life, I had to keep asking why societies which I am part of can tolerate smaller or bigger autocrats, place their hopes in them and even tolerate and excuse their violence." This is piece is about the places where I believe it starts.



Choreography/performance: Tomáš Danielis

Music:                                               Ľubomŕ Panák  - Drakh

Poetry:                                             Zuzana Husárová

Lights:                                              Milan Slama / Tomáš Danielis

Visual environment:                  Tomáš Danielis

Photosensors:                              Jakub Píšek