“Maybe, but of course” unite elements of a baroque opera, stand up comedy, performance and play of multiple selves. It has the ambition to investigate a person and his constant. A person trying to be responsible, sensible, sensitive and clever. An artist who is searching for new and surprising forms, seeking to touch the audience with his insight… but there is that thing. That thing of many names which denotes of the inner self in its many faces and all its limitations... which is referred to as that inner thing. That inner thing, which is sometimes epithet of a look into the bathroom mirror and in another look into the fog over Everglades. That inner thing, which makes a person sometimes laugh and in another to be embarrassed, sometimes to laugh at and in another to stir deep within and reach.

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/273717942

Choreography and performance:     Tomáš Danielis
Sound and music:                                   Johann Sebastian Bach, archive
Costume:                                                     Tomáš Danielis
Technical director:                                   Milan Slama