This page contains the visual works of Tomas Danielis. Coming from choreography, his relationship to light design and subsequently photo - video and movie work started, where he was working as stage hands-on first international dance festival Tanec Dnes (Dance Today) 1996 in his hometown Banska Bystrica. Danielis was always intrigued by how the conceptualization of space, as well as point of view on the performer(s), changes by manipulating the environment with light design and video. In his late twenties, he started to work with photography, subsequently followed with an interactive media environment for he created video content as well as function framework. Being humble about not study visual arts as the main subject, he started slow and quiet, however, he earned himself a very positive response for his photographic, light design and media works.
All of the photography works are for sales whether on photographic paper or glass or aludibold printing. Light design and media works are of course subject of commissions as well as photographic works like portraits and photo documentation of life events (shows and performances).
The latest photographic publication you can see in Vertigo - Slovak magazine for contemporary poetry: