“We…are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere.

I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me.“

Ted Bundy





intermedia portrait of autocratic person




Mainly Love is an intermedia somatic portrait of an autocratic personality, intertwining performance, interactive visual environment and excerpts of interviews with sexually abused women and human predators. Questions posed by Mainly Love attempt to go beyond surface and present individual, and his inner power mechanics which mix fear with humor, aggression. My motivation to create this performance is driven by the need to reconcile with the environment I live in. During research, I kept asking why societies I am part of, are able to tolerate smaller or bigger dictators and even place their hopes in them. I started from the position of the vulnerable - focusing on children and women first. My research led me through the psycho-history to constitutional moments of person(ality) when in micro-societies human beings, their dreams, understandings and approaches are formed, be it of love and compassion or of violence crowned by dreams of glory.



Choreography/performance: Tomas Danielis

Music:                                            Lubomir Drakh Panak

Poetry:                                          Zuzana Husarova

Lights:                                           Milan Slama / Tomas Danielis

Visual environment:                  Tomas Danielis

Photosensors:                             Jakub Pisek