"...immer wieder ein sehr ungewöhnlicher, sehr neuer, sehr sensibler Zugang zu Bach..."

The man in transient, never resting, (almost) never stopping.





“Suites” was created with the exceptional physicality of Tomas Danielis in mind. This piece is celebrating ever changing dancing body and its ability to create communication between performer and audience. Danced on empty stage, structured improvisation is alternating and exchanging with a fixed composition. Danielis's questioning dance as communication medium and its ability to talk profoundly about human being, was answered in this performance dubbed as funny, fresh, innovative and intelligent.


"My personal focus in 'Suites' are challenges we face in order to perceive person – another human being in front of us, his/her actions, behavior in space and surroundings in today’s culture. What interests me, is the basic question if in today’s culture can we perceive person as is, without ballast, pretexts and fears?
From the movement point of view, I challenge position of dance – if it’s still able to communicate something deeper about human, something essential and possibly timeless. I use association fields based on highly physical approach to serial use of movement creating rich and lasting movement language." Tomas Danielis



Created and performed by:   Tomas Danielis
Music:                                          J.S.Bach French Overture b minor, BWV 831