Tomas Danielis and his pedagogy and research work.


 Tomas Danielis is an experienced international teacher. Starting with a practicum at Conservatoire at 16 years old he grew up to be high profile teacher with main focus on the intersection between creativity and movement technique. Never leaning towards dance fashions, but rather content and care for his students he developed a particular style of giving class - teaching as well as classes. Most known are “HiTec Tools” and “CrissCross”, but also “Effectivity” class and “Antifragility”.
 You could see teaching Danielis on 4 continents in institutions as Tanzhaus NRW, HJS Amsterdam, Marameo Berlin, HotSummer Kyoto, Terence Lewis School Mumbai, CODARTS Rotterdam and others. He was also responsible for contemporary company group of Balet Moskva, where he was the main engine to lift this company to top European level. There he also created the acclaimed performance “Equilibrium”.
 A little bit surprising, he works also with sportwo/men giving customized classes focused on the effectivity of movement. he teaches a unified class as well as private classes named, “Effectivity class”. This class branches in three ways - high-performance dancers, high-performance sportsmen and non-dancing/sporting people to maintain their health.

 The speciality of Tomas Danielis is “Mobility & recovery class” specifically designed for recovering dancers and sportsmen after an injury as well as dancers with a minor physical problem. The goal of this class is to improve alignment, mobility and strengthen core muscles.