Antifragility (choreography workshop)


please, behead me


What interest me in the creative process is Antifragility - evolutionary feature behind every natural development of any culture or organic structure. It uses natural stressors, randomness, uncertainty in order to reorganize and self-adjust to function more effectively.
Driving questions of this workshop are how to exploit this feature in choreographic practice. And subsequently, how the creator can use this feature to materialize philosophical and sociological views through the movement and dance? This workshop offers a playground to use surrounding and internal stressors, the unseens, the opaque and the inexplicable to create.

Further questions:
What do I want and succeed with my audience to be focused on?
How do I relate to body and movement vs. how do I relate to concept?
How do I relate to society vs. how do I transcend my personal point of view?
What is important?
Why should be something important anyway?
How do I incorporate to a situation which is difficult and sometimes prohibitive for creations?
How do I create anything meaningful and what is means meaningful anyway?
creating material, random tinkering, practice, making a statement, forming performance and repeat ...and maybe repeat some of it again
creating (workshop) stage performance