explore intersections

Crisscross class is sharing of my practice as a mover. I am interested in how to create new movements, learn different kind of existing ones in order to challenge myself AND make all acquired physicality integral part of my own movement language. Goal of the class is to facilitate free use of any kind of acquired physicality at any given time without sacrificing its logic or flow whether performing, training or just free dance situation.


In this class I approach various technical aspect of the movement through specific improvisations sets, later implanting particular movements/sequences. In this way I am proposing various approaches how to further these aspects of movement and mould them with existing movement language.


In simple terms – we start with improvisation sets of shift of weight and timing. Later focusing on spacing and musicality. As last comes combining sets with various movement material; from floor work (helicopters, spins on the head, aikido rolls) all the way to jumps, rotations in jump and short sequences created directly on class from material which arose from those sets.


I am interested in mindful approach to movement specifically focusing on shift of weight, spacing and most importantly timing. I consider them as fundamental aspect of discovering various movement possibilities. I believe that functional relationship within the body is conditioned by relation of these aspects. In other words, there can not be creative (dynamic) alignment without understanding relation between timing, space and weight distribution.


CrissCross is a class where dancers and movers gets inspired from each other, explore the movement, challenge themselves and have fun.


CrissCross is a twin class to HiTec Tools.