Hi Tec Tools



creative technologies



HiTec Tools is physically demanding class where we play with different principles, speed, dynamic and coordination to challenge body. Timing, dynamic alignment and body architecture are tools used to break down movement sequences to principles driving movement. We work with these principles as matrixes, adjusting them to achieve “liquid state” of body.


As everyone has different body and its “liquid state” quality, I propose to remix sequences individually according the needs, thus offering possibility to create remixed phrases or structured improvisation out of fixed material. This is an important aspect of the class as the goal is to integrate explored material in order to be used at any given time in any way without sacrificing its logic or flow whether in performing, training or just free dance situation.


I offer my own movement vocabulary shaped by my experience as a performer and choreographer to be reused, reformed and upgraded in a useful way for anyone on class.


HiTec Tools is a class where dancers and movers gets to challenge themselves, inspire each other and have fun.


HiTec Tools is a twin class to CrissCross.