The main objective of this class is to spend time with our body, sink deep into it – very much like in a dynamic meditation and spend comfortable time working, aligning and correcting the movement mechanics of the body. Step by step in a comfortable and friendly environment without being stressed or pushed.
The class contains exercises what I call “old school classics” - simple and physiodynamically logical exercises allowing and inviting correction of alignment and its timing, allowing to find workarounds and mobilities for minor (!) injuries and discomforts, while keeping dynamic relations of other body parts and thus helping with negative side effects as stiffness and blocks of compensating body parts.

At the end of the class, everybody is offered to either take part in more dynamic exercise or have a little improvisation session with colleagues or warm down. Studio space is divided and rotation rules provided for using space.

(This is not a therapy or healing session, its only a class for mobility and workout. In case you are not sure if you can attend with particular physical problems, consult with your doctor or physician).

Class is intended for the professional dancer and movement practitioners.