Dynamic Talk


Dynamic Talk is succession of 5 day workshops focused on movement analysis and its application in creative process through 5 main aspects of dynamic alignment. Each day workshop has a different focus and can be taken separately. These 5 workshops are: “4 to 2 support” for legs and arms alignment in order to support the body - fast extremities, “Swing your hips” for dynamic placement of hips and development of locomotion, “Independent head” for placement of head and vertical stability – concentration vs. expansion - multitasking vs. 1 movement idea execution, “In, out, back and through” for lose but strong responding torso - "animal" at play. Last workshop "All in" mix them all together offering various possibilities.

Ultimate goal of every class is “free response” for recognition of choices opening/testing creative process application.

Tools gained on this workshop can be used not only for movement language development, but also as choreographic tools.