21&COUNTING - premier dez. 2018

choreography and performance: Tomas Danielis
assistant: Lucius Metta
sound and music: George Carlin, J.S.Bach, archive
costume: Katharina Heistinger
regie co-operation: Peter Bebjak

preview: https://vimeo.com/262449432

The goal of the project "21&counting" is to create a performance where
communication (use of words) and perception/acceptance of reality are
main theme. Based on ironic pretexts - celebratory performance of 20
years on stage which is too late, dancer picking from his memories and
putting dance form as best medium to talk about the words and
communication, project "21&counting" wants to explore use of political
correctness and euphemisms as escape routes from reality thus
heralding modern problems with basic communication, acceptation of
surrounding reality, misuse and abuse of words and meanings, lack of /
trust in values during human encounters.As theme is quite serious goal

of the company is to have a series of residencies in Nastupiste 1-12 Slova-

kia, S12 Bratislava, TanzfakturKoeln.

21&counting is co-production project between Belgium, Slovakia and