GAME - premier 14-15.9. 2018, THOR STUDIO BRUSSELS

Choreography and concept: Tomas Danielis
Music: J.S.Bach
Light design: Milan Slama
Costume design: Katharina Heistinger
Technical director: Milan Slama

Dancers: Julia Arsen, Jessica Simet, Laszlo Fulop, Riccardo de Simone, Tomas Danielis


“The Game” is an upcoming show based in game theory and social
science by Tomas Danielis and his team.
Their new work can be summed up in following points:
1. based on Game Theory, Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics
2. International project where at least 2 performers Slovakia
3. 8 confirmed performances in 5 countries on 2 continents
It is the third work of Danielis dealing with questions about power, its
system and relations not only to social groups and structures, but also
to human being as individual.

Taking the root in science, while using visual art composition, this show
landed itself ability to represent structures, relations, human behavior
and its principles in original but very importantly clear and
approachable way.Games and science is very used and common words in

dance world. This project is based on research in Game Theories research, Social
Science, Economics, Mathematics and statistcs.
Directly in the choreography will be used following games: Stag Hunt, Prisoners
dilema/delight, strong and weak equilibria as Nash or Trembling Hand
perfect, Strong and weak signaling games and others. Danielis
compiled his own book for research, but primarirly used “Social
Dynamics” by Brian Skyrms (2014, Oxford University Press) with
further readings from Permantle, Kahnenan, Gibbard, Argiento, Volkov,
McKenzie Alexander, Zabell.
This will be structurally strictly based on science and therefor it also
fall under arts and science brand, however as its dancing its introduced
in live arts.
This project will be using valid and recent scientific research behavior
concerning use and abuse of power to represent social events of
nowadays on representative group (of 6 people as default for game
theories). It is 3 rd work of Danielis concerning power and social events.
Composition in practical application:
During the performance, dancers are subjecting each other to various
games and strategies with objective of gaining a power or influence
either over the (part of the) group or a single person as a core
dramaturgic principle.
While playing these games, performer’s character is supported thus
creating show clearly rooted in game theory and social science,
however intriguing from personal point of view, interesting from dance
one and accessible for people not versed in science or game theory.
While dancers plays in space, the space itself is introduced as game
field. Audience sitting opposite each other “being on side of their
team”, where if venue allows – part of the audience can sit on balcony
around looking from above like they would be looking into arena. Light
design takes a very important role where playing with bidirectional
lighting creating for instance illusions where one side of the audience
sees the stage green and dances with red light aura and another side
of the audience exactly opposite.
“The Game” is drawn-ed upon “Equilibrium” first show Danielis created
for Ballet Moscow in May 2017 based on game theory and social
science. “The Game” upgrades choreographic, dramaturgic and
gaming structures and brings group of great dancers from Belgium,
Vysegrad region and Austria. All presented material is from premier of
“Equilibrium” by Ballet Moscow in May 2017.