A dance performance about strategies and its mechanics.


5 people having the goal of their own finding ways of negotiations with another in order "cohabitate" in the space adjusting their wishes, enjoying and exploiting on the go.

Game - latest performance of Danielis and his team from series dealing with relations of power is deeply rooted in Game theories, reflecting and representing the key triggers of mechanics within our societies.


Choreography & concept_Tomas Danielis
Dramaturg_ Thomas Jelinek
Light design & tech.director_Milan Slama
Music_archive of performers
Performing & choreography_Fülöp László, Tereza Hradilkova, Julia Arsen, Dominik Feistlmantl,Tomas Danielis

Graphic design: Maria Corejova
Special thanks: Petrányi Barna - Pro Progressione


Funded by: CEF Bratislava, Kulturamt Stadt Graz, Kultur - Land Steiermark, Bundeskanzleramt Wien, Slovak Arts Fund
Further support; Slovak Institute Budapest, OKF - Seoul, Budapest, Bratislava
Support - performing: cie.Cie Thor, Bratislava v Pohybe, Theatre am Tal Lend
Support - rehearsal spaces: SIN Budapest, IG Tanz Steriermark Graz


premier: 7.12. Theater am Lend, Graz, Austria
pre-premier 1: 15.9. 2018, THOR STUDIO BRUSSELS, Belgium
pre-premier 2: 21.10. 2018, A4 BRATISLAVA, off-program Bratislava in Movement, Slovakia