A Dance - Video - Light Performance






Idea, Choreography, Performance:      Tomas Danielis                   

Choreography, Performance:                Britta Pudelko                          
Videoart, Live Camera:                            Stefan Schmid and Ulrich Reiterer
Music                                                           Ulrich Troyer                             
Set and Costumes                                     Stefan Röhrle                              
Technical Director and Light                  Thomas Bergner:                        

"How do you get to know a body and what role do the surroundings play in this process? Is it possible to view a body simply as an object? And is there any way to become acquainted with a body, with its impulses, gestures, rhythms, with its essential nature, from a different points of view?

The performance landscapes examines these questions and, in doing so, combines visual art with dance.

Landscapes is creating a connection between the new and what was always there; between the external appearance of a body and the story that the body contains within it; between the activity of a person and the movement of a video image; between the real and the artificial; between emotional and physical intimacy; and between classical narrative and open structure."