"...immer wieder ein sehr ungewöhnlicher, sehr neuer, sehr sensibler Zugang zu Bach..."

The man in transient, never resting, (almost) never stopping.


SUITES No2. & No3.


Suite No.2 & Suite No.3. are invitation to experience celebration of ever changing dancing body and its ability to create communication between a performer and audience.
Starting with dancer observing incoming audience through his virtuosity and playful relation to music to searching and testing whether dance has a still the power to translate ever developing inner world.

Refreshing and dynamic "Suite No.2 & No.3" enables the spectator to enjoy the metamorphosis of human being whom dances.


While "Suite No.2" is a peek into metamorphosis, "Suite No.3" takes steps further into realm of human being uncovering underlying personal dynamics common for all human beings.


Running time Suite No.2: 23'

                         Suite No.3  50'


Created and performed by:   Tomas Danielis
Music:                                          J.S.Bach French Overture b minor, BWV 831